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‘LOANar New Year’ deal offered by Ayala Coop

P23 cashback to be given for every P23,000 loan amount in new loans applied for until end of January

              The Ayala Coop has offered members a new scheme called “LOANar New Year” deal that will provide a P23 cashback or reimbursement – in an apparent reference to the Year 2023 – for every P23,000 loan amount in new loans applied for from January 16-31, 2023.  This means that the bigger the amount of the loan is, the bigger the cashback will be based on the number of P23,000 amount that the total amount of the loan can cover.

              The Coop said the applied loan must be a new loan availment and should not offset or pay off any existing loan by the applying member.

              Here are the other terms and conditions of this new deal pertaining to the Year of the Water Rabbit.

              All existing terms and conditions of the type of loan applied for will still be followed, like the supporting documents required in the case of the “For the Afford-a-loan” special loan.

              Loan applications must be complete with the approval of the member’s HR unit, and should be received by the Coop between January 16 and 31, 2023.

              The P23 cashback, which will be credited on February 23, 2023, will only be applicable to the first loan applied for by a member within the promo period of January 16-31, 2023.

              Meanwhile, the application for membership or reactivation of an old one continues to be accepted by the Coop.  All interested regular employees of the Ayala Group may click the link Downloads – Ayala Coop to download and print the Coop’s Membership Application Form.  They can then send the scanned copy of the accomplished form signed by their HR unit to [email protected] for acknowledgment and processing within seven working days.