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Ayala Group Blood Drive A Big Success As Donors Come In Droves

The century mark. This is the usual yardstick when one determines if a bloodletting activity was successful or not, although most such exercises would invariably be considered successful whichever way they go owing to the intent and the sacrifices made by the donors.

But the Ayala Group blood drive spearheaded by the Ayala Coop in coordination with the Group’s ER Network was a big success, if the 105 blood bags collected from the 164 employees who trooped to Tower One for the activity would be the gauge.

Not every one of the 164 employees who came from as far away as Bank of the Philippine Islands in Binondo, Manila for the last two prospective donors was able to pass the screening undertaken by the Philippine Red Cross to qualify as a blood donor, but for the 105 who passed it, the act was well worth it.

Saving a life

For one, they knew that the blood they donated could save a life. For another, donating blood gives the donor health benefits, including the stimulation of the production of blood cells. In addition, the donor also received a donor’s card that would make him part of the data base that the Coop has declared it intended to create for Ayala Group employees. This is because the data base would provide a list of the available blood donors within the Ayala family, making it easier to source such individuals.

Ayala Coop general manager Dina Orosa was pleased with the turnout for the exercise, which was held from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. last March 27 at the 25th Floor of the Ayala headquarters at Tower One. She said it was again another proof that Ayala employees care for others and reflects the giving philosophy of the conglomerate.

Employee donors

Among those who donated blood were employees from BPI, Ayala Property Management Corporation. Ayala Land, Amicassa, Honda-Makati, Aprisa Business Solutions, Inc., Alveo, Isuzu-Pasig, Ayala Land-Arca South, Iconic Dealership Inc.-Volkswagen, Ayala Land International Sales Inc., Affordable Private Education Center, Ayala Group Counselors Corporation, Ayala Coop, and a few Ayala service providers.

The Makati Branch of the Philippine Red Cross’s Rizal Chapter managed and implemented the activity, getting assistance from volunteers from the world-renowned organization as well as Ayala Land subsidiary QualiMed, ANZ Bank, Deutsche Bank as well as Ayala Land and the Coop themselves. Patrick Ramos and Jan Crisostomo led the Red Cross team assisted by Dr. Patricia Khaye Angeles and Dr. Socorro Palasi. Von Ong and Abon Calunsag earlier coordinated the project with the Ayala Coop on behalf of the Red Cross.