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Ayala Coop reaffirms status as market leader in 2014

The Coop maintained that preeminence as it celebrated its 19th anniversary last October 16 and was feted with three awards, including the distinction as the No. 1 coop among large-scale cooperatives in Makati, during the 3rd Makati Koopbida Night and Awards held last October 20.

These – plus the Coop’s new-found stature as a recognized event organizer after overseeing and managing the 2014 JZA Cup volleyball tournament, the penultimate but decisive event in the Ayala Group’s year-round sports program, and helping manage vendors during the mammoth 180th anniversary celebration-cum-Christmas party of Ayala Corporation last December 5 – highlight the events of the year 2014 for the Ayala Coop.

Following is a month-by-month chronicling of the year’s top events for the Coop:

January – The Coop continues its tieup with Petron on the Petron Value Card, a promo scheme where card members are awarded P10 bonus points for every P500 single-receipt purchase at any participating Petron station within 48 hours, with points being earned up to a fuel purchase of P5,000 per day and P45,000 per month. The credit card balance transfer loan is also launched, enabling members to take out loans of up to P200,000 for direct release to the credit card company at an interest rate of 0.75 percent per month and with a payment term of up to three years. In addition, special emergency loans of up to P50,000 are also made available to Ayala employees who were victims of Typhoon Yolanda, the Bohol earthquake and the Zamboanga siege the previous year. This is on top of the P2,000 financial assistance extended to each of them by the Coop, which amounted to a total of P1 million covering more than 350 employees.

February – A new loan product – the business loan – is launched, making available a maximum of P300,000 to members who would want to put up a business and thus augment their income. The loan has a maximum payment term of three years at 1.5 percent per month subject to patronage refund.

March – The Coop does away with confirmation letters to members with its “going green” program, in reference to paperless transactions, when it made available the yearend balances of share capital, loans and dividends as well as patronage refunds in the Coop’s website. The Coop also holds a culminating activity for its L.E.T.S. Read Program at the Hen. Pio del Pilar Elementary School by distributing awards and certificates to the graduates. The Coop awards incentives to the winner of its race to membership and loan activity, the Orange Team assigned to Ayala Corporation and associate members, for exceeding membership and loan targets by more than 20 percent.

April – Chapter meetings and visits are undertaken by the Coop, with the Coop making a record total of 50 such activities as it tries to reach out to its members throughout the country. They are culminated with the general assembly where the Coop announces a growth of 21 percent in total assets, reaching a record P1.4 billion in 2013 from the previous year’s P1.2 billion. Members’ equity, meanwhile, grew by 22 percent from P1.1 billion to P1.3 billion over the same period, while revenues rose by 14 percent from P137.8 million to P156.5 million. Loan releases also rose by 15 percent to P989 million based on the Coop’s annual report. The increase in the educational and travel loan amount from P150,000 to P200,000 is also approved, enabling members to cover the higher cost of tuition and travel, and a new loan offering – the graduation loan – that has the same features as the petty cash loan is also introduced.

May – Team-building activity is held by the Coop for its management and staff at the Canyon Cove Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas, part of a continuous program to develop camaraderie and interactive skills among Coop personnel.

June – Ayala Coop employees who have secured membership in the Coop get an increase in the loan amount they can take out. The Coop also adopts two schools – the Francisco Benitez Elementary and Rizal Elementary Schools – as part of the Learning English Through Stories or L.E.T.S. Program of the Corazon Atayde Foundation where pupils with the lowest reading-skill levels are given extra lessons.

July – The Bonus Mo, Advance Ko, rainy day and back-to-back loans are launched while an improved version of the car loan is also made available. For the first loan product, 50 percent of the members’ 13th-month pay or yearend bonus is advanced by the Coop. For the Rainy Day loan, members are able to borrow a maximum of P200,000, with a payment term of up to three years and an interest rate of 0.75 percent per month. For the third loan product, members could borrow up to P300,000 with a payment term of up to three years at 0.50 percent per month subject to patronage refund. The improved car loan program, meanwhile, gives members an option to loan up to P400,000 at longer terms of up to four years to pay at 18 percent diminishing interest rate.

August – The Cooperative Management and Governance Seminar is conducted by the Coop for its board of directors and different committee heads and members at the Raffles/Fairmont Hotel. The Cooperative Development Authority and Makati Cooperative Development Council facilitate the activity. The midyear planning for the Coop’s staff is also held at the Habitat for Humanity Conference Room.

September – Preparations for the Coop’s 19th anniversary celebration are stepped up, with the Coop staff being assigned specific roles with the objective of successfully carrying out the various activities related to the celebration. Preparations for a first-ever organization and management of an event by the Coop, the 2014 JZA Cup volleyball tournament, are also stepped up.

October – A reaffirmation of the Coop’s stature as the top cooperative in the country’s premier business center fittingly comes during its 19th anniversary celebration when it is recognized at the Koopbida Awards Night as the most outstanding cooperative among large-scale coops with a net worth of P1.32 billion. It also garners awards as one of the top five in terms of membership expansion and for being an active coop with significant social activities. In conjunction with its anniversary celebration, the Coop also undertakes several CSR activities, including the Manila Bay Cleanup Drive in coordination with the Cooperative Development Authority, the distribution of school kits to some 1,000 native grade school pupils in a tieup with Clark Water Company, the Adopt a School Program undertaken in Iba, Zambales, and a field trip for the Coop’s L.E.T.S. Read scholars from the J. Rizal and F. Benitez Elementary Schools. The Coop also finds occasion to successfully oversee the conduct of the JZA Cup volleyball tournament in a trail-blazing engagement that could eventually pave the way for the Coop’s becoming a legitimate event organizer. Capping the highlights for the month are the launch of two new loan products – the housing and car loans programs – where members may now borrow up to P400,000, with up to four years for them to pay the loan at an interest rate of 18 percent of diminishing balance, or just .82 percent per month on top of the usual patronage refund. Those availing themselves of the car loan, meanwhile, may borrow up to three times the amount of their share capital.

November – A new housing loan product is launched with Coop members now able to borrow as much as P3 million for the direct purchase of a property from any of Ayala Land subsidiaries Avida, Amaia and BellaVita. It has a maximum payment term of 20 years at a fixed rate for one to three years and a repricing formula after that, which is competitive with those of banks aside from the standard patronage refund. Another loan product called Coop’s Christmas Treat also goes on stream with members allowed to borrow a maximum of P250,000 at an interest rate of 0.75 percent and with payment of up to three years. Preparations for the mammoth celebration of Ayala Corporation’s 180th anniversary and Christmas Party, where the Coop was an integral part, go full steam, with General Manager Dina Orosa at the helm of the Coop’s participation and the Coop staff joining hands in preparing loot bags, organizing various community groups and planning out various activities for the event.

December – The Coop takes a spot at the forefront of Ayala Corporation’s unprecedented gathering of some 11,500 Ayala Group employees for the mother company’s 180th anniversary celebration-cum-Christmas party at the Ayala Triangle on December 5. The Coop helps manage the vendors, coordinates with various communities to sell their products, and donates the baller IDs and loot bags distributed to each of the employees while overseeing the validation of the debit cards used by the employees to purchase their food and drinks during the event.