Oct 07, 2015

Balik Coop

Balik Coop is on!

Members of the Ayala Coop used to have limited options as far as terminated membership or withdrawal from the Coop is concerned. While they could still regain membership once they’ve left the Coop before, this was just limited to a one-time return. Once they’ve withdrawn a second time, their membership is over for life.

Not anymore. The Ayala Coop is bringing back the Balik Coop Program, a program where former members can reactivate their membership regardless of how many times they’ve previously withdrawn.

Still employed

Under this program, employees who have terminated their Ayala Coop membership but are still actively employed by any Ayala company may reactivate their Coop membership. This applies to members who have terminated their membership on or before September 16, 2015 – regardless of the frequency or number of times they have terminated that membership.

Under this program, the usual three-month waiting period for those who had previous terminations is also waived, with the window for reapplication lasting until December 16, 2015.

All that interested employees have to do is submit a scanned copy of their accomplished membership application form to the Coop’s e-mail address customerservice@ampc.org.ph for it to be processed.

Popular program

The Coop has actually implemented a similar program over a limited period since 2011, providing members who have left the Coop multiple times another chance to become Coop members once more.

The program has become so popular with the demand from former members again becoming significant that the Coop decided to revive it this year. Last year, several hundred employees availed themselves of this opportunity, and the Coop expects the program to draw another substantial number this time.