This policy provides guidelines governing credit policiesĀ of the Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative drawn from CDA Regulations, pertinent provisions of AMPC By-laws, and policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors for the orderly implementation of Coop programs and services.


Since the Coop aims to provide benefits to its members, its credit programs are specifically designed to address its members’ needs. However, in order to safeguard its resources, only members of good standing can avail of the credit services of the Coop. To be members of good standing, they have to meet the following requirements:

  1. The borrower has to be a bona-fide Regular or Associate member of the Coop.
  2. The borrower has fully paid the Minimum Share Capital of TWO THOUSAND PESOS (P2,000.00) and Membership Fee of TWO HUNDRED PESOS (P200.00).
  3. The borrower has no default on any outstanding loan to the Coop.
  4. The borrower is an Active member, i.e., committed to a regular semi-monthly share capital contribution.


  1. Each company has their own internal guidelines in terms of net cap and loan eligibility.
  2. Associate Members are entitled to borrow up to 90% of their share capital in the Coop.